Turbo Dodge A525/A520/A555
Transmission Rebuild Parts List

Difficulty-Factor-Small-2Note: Though the part numbers and potential suppliers are provided herein, it should be noted that a factory service manual and some specialized transmission rebuilding expertise will be required to rebuild a turbo dodge transmission.  There is also a fairly large set of Miller specialty tools required to disassemble/reassemble the transmission internals and you will also need a dial indicator as well as a verinier caliper. Without all of these tools and a full compliment of other more common shop tools as well as a press with a variety of accessories, rebuilding a transmission on your home shop bench will not be possible.


Input Shaft...........Application .........Mopar Part #............. Alternative
Seal.....................All .....................4797329(was 5222721) Timken 3732S

Front Bearing .......All .....................5205565 ....................Timken Set 4
Set 4 consists of
L44649 / L44610
Front Race ...........All......................5205564 ...................(In set above)

Rear Bearing ........All .....................5205568 ....................Timken Set 5,
Set 5 consists of
LM48548 / LM48510
Rear Race ............All .....................4746921(was 5205567) (in set above)

Ratech 1132 Shim Kit - http://www.ratechmfg.com/
NOTE: Part # 1132 is not on their online website as of 3/1/2009

Ratech kit contains 5 shims: .010 x1, .012 x2, .016 x1, .020 x1.
Input Shaft Shim 0.62mm (.024") All 4202751 (NS1)
Input Shaft Shim 0.66mm (.026") All 4202301
Input Shaft Shim 0.70mm (.028") All 4202302 (NS1)
Input Shaft Shim 0.74mm (.029") All 4202303 (NS1)
Input Shaft Shim 0.78mm (.031") All 4202304
Input Shaft Shim 0.82mm (.032") All 4419650(was 4202305)
Input Shaft Shim 0.86mm (.034") All 4419650(was 4202306)
Input Shaft Shim 0.90mm (.035") All 4202307
Input Shaft Shim 0.94mm (.037") All 4202308
Input Shaft Shim 0.98mm (.039") All 4202309
Input Shaft Shim 1.02mm (.040") All 4202310
Input Shaft Shim 1.06mm (.042") All 4202311
Input Shaft Shim 1.10mm (.043") All 4202312
Input Shaft Shim 1.14mm (.045") All 4202313 (NS1)
Input Shaft Shim 1.18mm (.046") All 4202314
Input Shaft Shim 1.22mm (.048") All 4202315
Input Shaft Shim 1.26mm (.050") All 4202316
Input Shaft Shim 1.30mm (.051") All 4202317 (NS1)
Input Shaft Shim 1.34mm (.053") All 4202318
Input Shaft Shim 1.38mm (.054") All 4202319
Input Shaft Shim 1.42mm (.056") All 4202320 (NS1)
Input Shaft Shim 1.46mm (.057") All 4202321
Input Shaft Shim 1.50mm (.059") All 4202322
Input Shaft Shim 1.54mm (.061") All 4202323 (NS1)
Input Shaft Shim 1.58mm (.062") All 4202324
Input Shaft Shim 1.62mm (.064") All 4202325
Input Shaft Shim 1.66mm (.065") All 4202326
Input Shaft Shim 1.70mm (.067") All 4419650(was 4202752)
Input Shaft Shim 1.74mm (.069") All 4202753 (NS1)
Input Shaft Shim 1.78mm (.070") All 4202754

Intermediate Shaft
Front Bearing A-525 4202590
Front Bearing A-520 4377723, AC Delco 5707 Bearing
(standard RWD axle/wheel bearing) - Stocked at Advance Auto Parts
GM# 19312436, INA (Made in USA) F-66263.02
Front Bearing A-555 4348068 Same as A-520
Front Bearing A-523, A-568 4641225
Front Race A-523 , A-568 4531529

Rear Bearing (black seal) A-525, A-520, A-523 4348270
Non-Sealed version - 207SL - Available at Advance Auto Parts
Sealed Version Koyo 6207N or 6207NX, Also NSK 6207NX
Rear Bearing (blue seal) A-555, A-568 4348270(was 4348068) Same as A-525, A-520, A-523

Oil Feeder (green) A-525 5222957 (NS1)
Oil Feeder (black) A-520, A555 4377690 (NS1)
Oil Feeder (grey), A523, A543, A568 4531528 (NS1)


1st and 2nd Gear Pads (2) A-525, A-520, A-555 4269038 (NS1)
3rd and 4th Gear Pads (2) A-525, A-520, A-555 4295519
5th Gear Pads (2) A-525, A-520, A-555 4295519

1st and 2nd Gear Pads (2) A-523, A-543, A-568 4471343 (NS1)
3rd and 4th Gear Pads (2) A-523, A-543, A-568 4543715
5th Gear Pads (2) A-523, A-543, A-568 4471343 (NS1)


Bearing (2) All 4567025AB Timken Set 11, Set 11 consists of JL69349 / JL69310,
Koyo JL69349-N / JL69310-N, Koyo Set 11 JL69349/10
Seal (2) All 4412522AB Timken 3459S

Sonnax 39539-Z5 (available from http://www.TransmissionPartsUSA.com or Transtar-http://www.transtar1.com) The Sonnax kit contains 10 .005" thick shims - "use as many as you need" vs OEM "pick which one you need"
NOTE: The Sonnax kit is listed for the A413 Automatic trans

Differential Shim 0.50mm (.020") All 4207134
Differential Shim 0.55mm (.022") All 4207135
Differential Shim 0.60mm (.024") All 4207136
Differential Shim 0.65mm (.026") All 4207137
Differential Shim 0.70mm (.027") All 4207138
Differential Shim 0.75mm (.029") All 4207139
Differential Shim 0.80mm (.031") All 4207140
Differential Shim 0.85mm (.033") All 4207141
Differential Shim 0.90mm (.035") All 4207142
Differential Shim 0.95mm (.037") All 4207143
Differential Shim 1.00mm (.039") All 4207144
Differential Shim 1.05mm (.041") All 4207145

Transtar 92717AK is an alternative for the oem differential pin retainer tabs. The OEM Mopar tabs are in the process of being discontinued.

Differential Pinion Shaft Retainer Bracket. (2) All 5134957AA. This is a secondary part number supplied by Chrysler. Further information is needed.
NOTE: These are the factory parts for the Neon T350 manual transmission and will work with all 520/555/523/543/568 Manual transmissions.

Differential Pinion Pin 5134956AA. This updated pin MUST use the retainer brackets to keep it in the differential as is does not have provisions for a roll pin. This pin replaces the original pin that used a roll pin to secure it.


Intermediate Shaft Fifth Speed All 6500980 (These are NS1/discontinued from mopar but are still available until inventory is depleted)

Intermediate Shaft for sealed rear bearing All 6500315 (NS1)
3rd & 4th Gear, Inner All 6500316 (NS1)
Intermediate Shaft All 6033348
1st & 2nd Speed Gear, Inner A-525, A520, A555 (87-88 only) 6024131 (NS1)
1st & 2nd Speed Gear, Inner A-520, A555 (89 only), A-523, A-543, A-555, A-568 6501726 (NS1)
Selector Shaft All 60300595


O-ring, Housing to Case All 6500111 (NS1)
Distance Sensor (w/ cable) All 4740088(was 4439096)
Distance Sensor (w/o cable) All 5227897
Speedometer Gear, 18 teeth All 4531196
Speedometer Gear, 19 teeth (yellow) All 4269950
Speedometer Gear, 20 teeth (blue) All 4567881AB (Was 5222390)
Speedometer Gear, 21 teeth (white) All 5222388
O-ring, Distance Sensor All 5212152


Dowel (2) All 5240849
Upper Cover All 4412526
Upper Cover Screw - M6x1x14 (special) All 3759944
Upper Case - M12x1.75x50mm (3) All 6501742(was 6501164)
Lower Cover - 2.2/2.5L A525, A-520, A-523, A-555, A-568 4412528
Lower Cover - 3.0L A-543 4505678
Lower Cover Screw - M6x1x14 All 6500136
Extension to Case - M8x1.25x33 (4) All 6500511
Rubber Plug, Fill/Drain All 4348325


Transtar (www.transtar1.com)

A-520, A-555 BK375 Note: The BK375-based kits no longer come with the Intermediate Shaft Front Bearing (See 5707 above)

A-520, A-555(w/ Synchros - '87-'88 only) BK375WS These kits contain bearings, seals, shift fork pads and Intermediate Shaft oil slinger. Kit BK375WS is discontinued as of 12/28/2011.

A-520, A-555 (w/ Synchros - '89 Only) BK375AWS

A-523, A543, A568 BK377 NOTE: As of 2/09 kit was only available with synchros

A-523, A543, A568 (w/ Synchros) BK377WS


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