Transmission Core Policy

  • transmission-gears-2Normally we expect you to ship us your core exchange in advance of shipping you your rebuilt transmission. If you can not or would rather not do this, then you are required to pay an up-front core charge.  No exceptions.
  • There will be a non-refundable core charge assessed according to the table below for transmission cores sent for exchange or rebuild that are not the same transmission type, not rebuildable or when no core is provided at all. A partial credit may be available to you, please read on for those details.
  • You must provide a matching transmission for your core. For example: you can’t exchange a A525 non-turbo trans for  turbo A525 trans nor can you exchange a small spline A568 for a larger spline A568. You must supply an exact model transmission for the transmission you purchase or there is no valid core exchange.  At our option we may offer you a partial core credit for your non-rebuildable core or un-like core and we will contact you with details however, if you suspect your trans is damaged, or you know you do not have a like/kind same trans to send as your core, we strongly suggest you should contact us first before you make a purchase.
  • The buyer pays the cost of shipping the core exchange transmission. We suggest FedEx Ground. Be sure to fully insure your package for at least the value of your core.
  • Unless you pay the core charge in advance with your initial order, your rebuilt transmission will only be shipped when your good used core transmission is received, inspected and it is determined that it can be rebuilt.
  • If the core you provide is not the same model transmission or is not rebuildable due to wear and tear or broken internal parts or cracked/broken case, there will be a core charge due prior to your transmission being shipped. If your core transmission contains some rebuildable parts, you will be notified of their core value and that amount will be subtracted from the core fee appropriate for your transmission type.
  • Cores that are not rebuildable or that contain parts of no value to our operation can be returned to you and the cost of shipping is always at your expense. We really don’t want to keep your broken transmission and never desire to take advantage of you but if you want us to return your dead transmission we will be happy to at your expense.  If it contains any parts we would be interested in we will always make you a market value offer for those parts to help you revover a portion of the cost of your core deposit.
  • If your core is damaged in transit, YOU have the responsibility to file an insurance claim with your carrier to receive reimbursement for its value. Please package your transmission very well and insure your core transmission for at least the total cost of your transmission core charge.

Transmission Model

Core Charge

A525 turbo or non-turbo


A520 and A555