Turbo Dodge Kelsey Hays Caliper Brake Pad Anti-Rattle Clip Installation

If you have ever tried to just figure out how to install the anti-rattle spring clips on the single pin Kelsey Hayes brake caliper and disc brake pads then you know how frustrating this exercise can be. It's virtually impossible to know how to install them w/o a good diagram, where to install them and on the upper or lower end of the pad or the caliper. Well in this short but image filled FAQ, we show you exactly how and where to install them quickly and easily.

First of all we are talking about the single pin Kelsey Hayes brake caliper that came on the front of turbo Dodge and Chrysler cars and Minivans in the 80's and early 90's as pictured here:


...and we are talking about the small bent pieces of wire that are attached to the actual brake caliper and the brake pads as pictured here:


The purpose of the spring clips is to help reduce or eliminate the occasional rattle of the brake pads when your car goes over bumps and pot holes in the roadway. You can actually hear the brake pads rattling around at slow speeds on uneven pavement. The caliper hardware kit is commonly available for just a few dollars at most auto parts stores. They should be replaced each time you service the brake pads because they do actually wear out. The movement of the brake pads over the caliper bracket wears down the spring wire and eventually the just wear through and fall apart. Depending on the manufacturer, you will need to purchase one or two sets. Some sets come with enough pieces to do both left and right sides, some only one side and the sides are interchangeable. Here are some of the common parts numbers for the caliper hardware kits:

  • DORMAN HW5571
  • WAGNER H5551A
  • WAGNER F112868

There are just a few things to remember about where to place the spring clips. The rest is just knowing which clips to use where. The basic steps are:

  • One clip goes on the top of the inboard pad
  • One clip goes on the bottom of the outboard pad
  • One clip goes on the top outboard corner of the caliper

Here are some factory shop manual illustrations of the three clips installed:



Here is a close up of the anti-rattle spring clips installed on the brake pads


Here is a close up of the anti-rattle spring clip installed
on the top outboard corner of the caliper.