Chrysler TIPM
How To Do a Hard Reboot

So you want or need to get your CHRYSLER TIPM to learn your cars configuration after a repair or replacement? Here is how you can do this yourself.

We get a lot of questions here at Turbo Dodge Parts and on our facebook page about issues which happen after installing a replacement PCM or TIPM in a PT Cruiser. The most common being after the installation of a TIPM. Sometimes the issues can be taken care of by completing what is called a hard reset or hard reboot on your vehicle. This doesn't work all of the time, and sometimes you may have to complete this process more than once. But doing this may help you avoid having your mechanic or Chrysler dealer service center program the unit to your vehicle and it’s factory options. Basically the TIPM has the ability to ’learn’ your cars configurationif you follow this process correctly.

A hard reset is easy to complete. You do have to be careful so not to short out anything, so we thought sharing the best video we can find out there on how to do a hard reset/reboot. 


The Hard Reset/Reboot Steps

    Step 1: Disconnect your battery negative terminal first

    Step 2: Disconnect your battery positive terminal second

    Step 3: Touch the positive battery cable to the negative battery cable, zip tie them together for several hours, preferable over night (8 hours)

    Step 4: Remove your old TIPM. Be careful when removing the old TIPM to not break any of the clips that hold the cable harnesses in place.  See a separate video on how to remove TIPM plugs by clicking here.


    Click the image above to see a video on how to remove the connectors properly


    Step 5: Wait again several hours to allow all system capacitors to discharge

    Step 6: Reinstall your new or rebuilt TIPM and connect all the harnesses. Be sure that all the plugs are clean and that they are well seated, fully inserted and that you lock them in place properly with the connector locks. If all the connectors are not making good contact you will sometimes get a no start condition.

    Step 7: Reconnect your battery cables

    Step 8: Start the car. If it does not start, see step 6.


Watch The Complete YouTube Video

Click the screen shot below to open a new window and watch the video


Special thanks to Mack at TIPM Rebuilders for putting out this great video
on how to do a hard reset. We hope this will help you out.