PT Cruiser 2.4 Engine Torque Strut Adjustment

To prevent unwanted engine vibration, it is important to properly adjust both the upper and lower engine torque strut mounts. The upper and lower torque struts need to be adjusted together to assure proper engine positioning and engine mount loading. Whenever a torque strut bolt(s) is loosened, this procedure must be performed.

  1. Remove accessory drive belt splash shield
  2. Remove pencil strut
  3. Loosen the upper and lower torque strut attaching bolt at the suspension crossmember and shock tower bracket
  4. The engine position may now be adjusted by positioning a suitable floor jack on the forward edge of the transmission bell housing NOTE: The floor jack must be positioned as shown in to prevent minimal upward lifting of the engine.
  5. With the engine supported, remove the upper and lower torque strut attachment bolt(s) at shock tower bracket and suspension crossmember Verify that the torque struts are free to move within the shock tower bracket and crossmember. Reinstall the torque strut bolt(s), but do not tighten.
  6. Carefully apply upward force, allowing the upper engine to rotate rearward until the distance between the center of the rearmost attaching bolt on the engine mount bracket (point "A") and the center of the hole on the shock tower bracket (point "B") is 119 mm (4.70 in.)


    CAUTION: The engine must be held in position with jack until both the upper and lower torque strut bolts are tightened.

  7. With the engine held at the proper position, tighten both the upper and lower torque strut bolts to 115 N·m (85 ft. lbs.).
  8. Remove the floor jack.
  9. Install pencil strut and tighten nuts to 58 N·m (43 ft. lbs.).
  10. Install accessory drive belt splash shield


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