The Rebuilt Turbo Dodge Parts
A525 / A520 / A555 / A523 / A543 / A568

  1. Do you offer free shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico?
  2. Can I use multiple cores and get a rebuilt tranny for free?
  3. What is the shipping address for transmission cores?
  4. What is the warranty on rebuilt transmissions?
  5. Can I purchase a transmission without returning a core?
  6. Who pays the cost of shipping the core exchange transmission?
  7. Shipping tips for transmissions

1. Do you offer free shipping? icon-up-arrow-small
The typical answer is no we do not offer free shipping. The cost of shipping is included in the price as listed on our web site and is for the lower 48 continental United States.  Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico will be at an additional cost to the buyer. 

2. Can I use multiple cores to get a transmission for free? icon-up-arrow-small
Maybe yes, maybe no. It all depends on what you have and what you want. We have a 10 year supply of A525 transmission cores already so probably not on A525s to get an free A555.  Good A555 and A568 cores have better ‘trade-in’ value than others.  Good rare final drive ratio A520s also are desirable. It’s best to ask us by using the transmission inquiry form.

3. What is the shipping address for transmission cores? icon-up-arrow-small
Please send your transmission cores to:

Turbo Dodge Parts
c/o Steven Seale
6465 Meadow Rue Drive
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

4. What is the warranty on rebuilt transmissions? icon-up-arrow-small
We offer a 6 month, unlimited mileage transmission warranty on all transmissions.  This warranty is exclusive and not applicable to transmissions that are used in racing applications or that upon examination have failed due to excessive use or abuse.  Abuse is evidenced by broken gears, burnt bearings, cracked cases, impact from stationary objects, etc.

5. Can I purchase without returning a core? icon-up-arrow-small
Maybe, please contact us using the contact us form. Typically we do like to get a core so that we have a sustainable inventory of rebuilt transmissions for sale.  There are exceptions however, there will be a core charge added to your final purchase price.

6. Shipping tips/who pays the cost of shipping the core transmission? icon-up-arrow-small
The buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping their core exchange transmission to us. We suggest checking with a number of carriers to get the lowest cost, our experience is that FedEx is the most economical. 

7. Shipping Tips  icon-up-arrow-small
The normal minimum size for a container that a 5 speed transmission will fit in is approximately 24x24x18 and the approximate weight will be 110-115lbs.  You should insure your package for the full value of the core cost. The container you choose must be sturdy (at least a double thickness cardboard carton), well taped, and filled with enough protective packing material to prevent damage during shipment. For the best protection, a suitable shipping or tool tote can be used. You should also wrap your transmission in at least two heavy duty plastic yard and garden leaf bags to capture any fluids that might have remained.  It is also a very good idea to stuff several paper towels or shop rag into the axle holes to absorb any residual transmission fluid.  You DO NOT want your transmission to leak during transit. PLEASE BE CERTAIN to drain your transmission prior to shipment, get all the fluid out of the differential by standing the transmission up with the differential axle opening pointing down to drain all fluids for at least 12 hours.  Many carriers will return your package or delay delivery for hazardous materials inspection if it begins to leak during transit and they will not issue you a refund under any circumstances.