Here is what the factory parts guide has listed for cams for various years:

turbo-dodge-camshaft[ 1987 ]
4293 817 CAMSHAFT PACKAGE, w/Standard Journals (Except EDG Turbo
& EDR Turbo-Intercooler Engine)
Consists of:1-----Camshaft, 8-4173390 Rocker, Valve

4293 818 CAMSHAFT PACKAGE, w/.050 O/S Journals (Except EDG
Turbo & EDR Turbo-Intercooler Engine)
Consists of: 1-----Camshaft, w/.050 O/S Journals (Stamped O/S J)
8-4173390 Rocker, Valve

4293 819 CAMSHAFT PACKAGE, w/Standard Journals (w/EDG Turbo,
w/EDR Turbo-Intercooler Engine)

[ 1988 ]
4387 850 CAMSHAFT, w/Standard Journals and EDF Injection Engine
4387 850 w/Standard Journals and EDG Turbo, EDR Turbo-Intercooler
Up to 3-1-88
(Notice that in this year the TBI and turbo I and II applications use the same cam up through 3/1/1988)
4387 721 w/Standard Journals and EDG Turbo, EDR Turbo-Intercooler
After 3-1-88

[ 1989 ]
4387 850 CAMSHAFT, w/Standard Journals (Exc. EDR Turbo-Intercooler)
(Notice in this year the cam for the TBI car is the same as for last year, but the turbo cam is now different)
4387 721 w/Standard Journals (w/EDR Turbo-Intercooler)
4448 479 w/.050 O/S Journals (Exc. EDR Turbo-Intercooler)

[ 1990 ]
4387 850 CAMSHAFT, w/Standard Journals (Exc. EDR Turbo-Intercooler)
(Notice in this year the cam for the TBI car is the same as for last (89)year, and the turbo cam is also different but the same cam as it was in 89)
4387 721 w/Standard Journals (w/EDR Turbo-Intercooler)
4448 479 w/.050 O/S Journals (Exc. EDR Turbo-Intercooler)

[ 1992 ]
S/C EDF - 2.2L Eng. standard" Camshaft Package for Service.
S/C EDR - 2.2L Eng (Turbocharged-Intercooler) andard" Camshaft Package for Service.

4387 850 CAMSHAFT, w/Standard Journals
4448 479 .050 O/S Journals
(Notice that it's back to the same cam for both EFI as well as turbo cars)

So based on this information, my theory is that an 89 CSX came with cam #4387 850 which is the same cam as found in any 88 TBI car or turbo car manufactured before 3/1/1988, any 89-90 TBI car, or any 92 TBI or turbo car.

NOTE: Sorry I didn't have the parts book for 91 cars so it is not included here.


Best all-round solution when you consider your configuration, budget and mechanical skills: roller cam, look for an 88TBI and if can't find 89+TBI cam is almost as good. Also note that you want to try to find a 2.2TBI car, not the 2.5TBI. If you start turning up the boost you will find that a 'big' cam will work against you, the factory turbo cam is just fine for almost all applications. As has been mentioned before, the most gains will come from getting your head and manifolds reworked, step one before that however should be at least a 2.5" swingvalve and 2.5 or 3" exhaust all the way back. That alone will give you more than any cam will. If you already have the 2.5" SV, then just get the largest complete exhaust that will fit or you can afford. If you dont have the SV yet, count on having to pull the head to install it, those bolts that hold it on, if you can get to them are going to snap off anyway. And once you have the head off, you might as well get it ported w/the manifolds...better yet, just buy the head ported from a site supporting vendor, and get the mani's also...pay the core charge and sell your old units on eBay or return them to vendor within 30 days of purchase of the ported units. Add to that your custom Stage 3 cal and you'll grin every time you push the pedal and have enough room to keep it down for a few seconds. They (2.2s)really start pulling hard at about 4K when you have all this done. The 2.5 may have more torque down low, but the 2.2s are real RPM pumps and like to make power at or near the top.

Just for reference the turbo cam specs are as follows:

1984-1987 Turbo I/II PN: 4293819 .430 Lift 240-240 Duration
1988 Turbo I/II PN: 4387850 .430 Lift 236-232 Duration
1989-1992 Turbo I/II PN: 4387721 .430 Lift 228-228 Duration
Mopar Performance "314" PN: P4529314 .460 Lift 240-240 Duration
Forward Motion 475 PN: FM09034 .460 Lift Unknown
Forward Motion 505 PN: FM-505 .505 Lift Unknown
TAFT S1 (re-ground roller) Mild street Unknown
TAFT S2 (re-ground roller) S-60 replacement Unknown
TAFT S3 (re-ground roller) Full race Unknown
Mopar Performance Super 60 PN: P5249496 .499 Lift 260-260 Duration
CompCams PN: 22-124-4 .499 Lift 268-268 Duration

(Note: the Comp cam and the S60 cam are the same.)

The best factory cam according to the specs would be the 84-87 2.2 Turbo I/II camshaft, it has the most duration of all the factory turbo cams. You can run the later roller cams if you wish; they do have a little smoother idle and make less noise but you will lose some duration and overlap (which might not be a bad thing at high boost levels). It's a drop in; just use the roller followers and it will work in any 2.2/2.5 engine. Lifters are the same and there is no need to change them.

Another bonus of the roller cam is reduced valvetrain friction- a whopping 75% at idle and 35% at cruise!


Another safety issue regarding slider cams- It looks like in late 1989 Chrysler discontinued machining the cylinder heads for lubricating slots that were needed for the slider cams. Since all cars after 1989 were equipped with roller cams this isn't a problem unless you are going to install an aftermarket slider camshaft.

Please inspect your cylinder head to make sure the lubrication slots are present before installing a slider camshaft! Premature camshaft wear will occur if they are missing.

Shelby retarded the camshaft 4 degrees in the carburated Shelby Chargers with a special cam sprocket to make more high rpm hp. A multi keyway sprocket for 82-87 engines was sold through Mopar Performance but you have no way of telling where top dead center is! They forgot to mark TDC on the sprocket for 4 of the keyways.

There are 6 cam sprockets for the SOHC 2.2/2.5 family
1984-1988 "4201974" Square tooth 2.2 Turbo, 2.2 N/A
1984-1987 "4201992" Square tooth hi-output 2.2 N/A
1989-1992 "4387557" Round tooth 2.2/2.5 Turbo, 2.2 N/A
1989-1993 "4448690" Round tooth 2.5 N/A "common block"

1986-1987 "4273238" Square tooth, "tall deck" 2.5 TBI ONLY
1988 ......... "4387535" Round tooth, "tall deck" 2.5 TBI ONLY