1. What does your warranty cover?


TRANSMISSIONS: All rebuilt transmissions have a 6 month, unlimited mileage warranty when not used for racing and on stock engines. The warranty period begins when your transmission is delivered to you, not when you order it or when you install it and first drive the car.

CYLINDER HEADS: Our cylinder heads have a 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty against cracking that creates a leak into the cooling system or combustion chamber.  Residual cracks are not covered under warranty unless they have created a leak that causes air or coolant to enter the combustion chamber or cooling system. The warranty period begins when your cylinder head is delivered to you, not when you order it or when you install it and first drive the car.

SHIFT RODS: All shift rods have a lifetime, unlimited mileage warranty. If the shift rod product fails for any reason other than neglect or accident, they will be replaced at no charge.  Customer must return broken or failed parts to us in order to obtain warranty replacement part(s).

MOST OTHER ITEMS: Unless otherwise noted on the product description page, our other products have a 90 day warranty that warrants the product to fit properly and be free from manufacturing defects.  If one of our products should fail to fit properly on an unmodified vehicle or if it should fail within the 90 day warranty period on an unmodified vehicle the product will be replaced in a timely manner whenever possible. We warranty all parts for a period of 90 days from date received by purchaser or installer and only for cars that have not been modified for racing purposes. If a replacement part cannot be obtained a full refund will be issued to the original purchaser. Any refunds or exchanges must be accompanied by the original sales invoice. Warranties are limited to the original parts purchaser and are non-transferable. Return shipping on a failed component that is considered a warranty exchange is the responsibility of the purchaser, will pay the cost of shipping back to the customer of a warranty corrected/repaired/exchange part. The warranty period begins when your product is delivered to you, not when you order it or when you install it and first drive the car.

2. What if I order the wrong part?

If you order the wrong part, please let us know as soon as possible and BEFORE we ship your part. We will stop shipment when possible or exchange the un-shipped item(s) for the correct item within 30 days. If the item has already been shipped, the item becomes non-returnable subject to the fit and manufacturing defect free warranty as outlined above OR if a mutually agreeable exchange/return can be agreed upon, the item may be exchanged or returned however a restocking fee of up to 25% may be assessed. These products are very often custom manufactured goods made to order. At our sole discretion, we may opt to allow returns with a minimum 25% re-stock fee and the customer pays the cost of return shipping.

3. What if you ship the wrong part?

Although we do everything we can to get the right part to you, unusual mistakes can happen. If we ship the wrong part, we will pick up the part or pay the return freight, and either provide a full refund if the correct part is not available or ship you the correct part as quickly as possible at our expense. Please let us know immediately if you receive the wrong part.

4. Labor Warranty

We do not guarantee any labor cost incurred for the installation, removal or re-installation of any part.