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The turbo Dodge enthusiast community is comprised of both car owners as well as boutique turbo Dodge parts and services vendors. The community of both car owners and vendors is actually quite large and even growing in its intensity and dedication to the breed. We would like to encourage you to visit any of the turbo Dodge enthusiast vendors below whenever possible because these are the vendors that support these cars in many ways such as hard to find parts and vehicle service and maintenance expertise.

This list of vendors in our enthusiast community is in no way comprehensive nor should it be considered as an business to business endorsement, however, these are just some of the turbo Dodge vendors that are frequently present and provide good quality products and participate in other ways to support the turbo Dodge performance enthusiast community.

Turbo Dodge Parts Vendors (alphabetically)

  • Forward Motion: Specializing in the late model fuel injected and turbocharged Dodge products including the early turbo Dodge/Shelby cars as well as the Neon and PT Cruiser. They have become known as the answer center for technical questions for many turbo Dodge automobile enthusiast. forwardmotioninc.com/html/about.htm
  • FWDPerformance: Offering a selection of high-quality OEM and aftermarket turbo Dodge components with an emphasis on engine components, suspension and other rebuild and restoration parts for the early Shelby cars as well as the later Neon and PT Cruisers. fwdperformance.com
  • OMNI-Potent Parts: Providing a selection of turbo Dodge restoration and performance parts. The parts in the catalog have evolved from their own experiences in restoring and tuning Shelby and Turbo Dodges from the 1980s. omnipotentparts.com/
  • RBryant: Offers a variety of products for the Dodge and Chrysler turbo cars. Coil over shock solutions, custom spark plug wires, Hawk brake pads and more. rbryant.freeshell.org/
  • Turbos Unleashed: "TU" has been supporting the Turbo-Dodge Community since 1998 and has customers all over the USA. Huge turbo Dodge specific online product catalog, run by fellow turbo Dodge enthusiast. A select collection of TI, TII, TIII turbo parts as well as many other turbochargers to select from. turbosunleashed.com/shop/

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FEATURED Turbo Dodge Performance Enthusiast Resource

AWESOME Turbo Z Build At The Mopar Garage!

the-mopar-garage-youtube-channel-graphic.pngThis is a must "like" and "subscribe" YouTube channel that is dedicated to the Mopar family of automobiles and right now they are featuring a rebuild of an pretty rare Black/Gold Dodge Daytona Turbo Z CS. This one is pretty cherry to begin with however Austin Solaguren the channel owner and fellow turbo Dodge performance enthusiast, is documenting the entire rebuild. He's already published a few videos like timing belt replacement and water pump service but the project has now morphed into a complete top end rebuild including cylinder head and turbo.  We are glad to be participating in this project by providing the cylinder head and turbocharger rebuild service. Austin visited with us in Atlanta to bring in his head and turbo personally, watch for the video all about that also!

Be sure to check out this channel, it's a must, and don't forget to (PLEASE) "LIKE" and "SUBSCRIBE" to The Mopar Garage for all the most recent turbo Z rebuild activities!



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