Posted by Steven Seale on Dec 31st 2021

Looking for a good alternative to the factory clutch bolt and captured washer set for your turbo Dodge stock or performance clutch? We have a high quality made in the USA grade 10.9 black oxide steel replacement flange bolt that is a perfect fit that comes with a reusable NORD-LOCK® washer.

Choose these Class 10.9 steel screws for high-stress applications, such as high stress automotive applications. They are at least 25% stronger than medium-strength steel screws. The flange distributes pressure where the screw meets the surface increasing their clamping force and resistance to loosening due to vibration.

Replaces Mopar 6500151/6500 151

These two-piece NORD-LOCK® washers provide more locking power than split, tooth, and spring lock washers. Wedges on the inside lock the two pieces together, and serrations on the exterior grip surfaces to resist loosening from high vibration and shifting. Washers are reusable. These NORD-LOCK® washers are zinc-flake-coated steel washers that are highly corrosion resistant in wet environments.